Monday, November 3, 2014

Natalie Daratony our new Campus Ministries Director.

Natalie Daratony our new Campus Ministries Director.


Here is a summary of our new Campus Ministries Director Coming in January 2015


Natalie Daratony 

Director of Campus SERVE, Experienced Mentor, Innovative Achiever

Education: Liberty University

Background:  I am looking forward to bringing my educational and work experience along with my creative spirit, relational personality, and innovative skills to bring vibrance and progress to your company.  My current position as Campus SERVE director for Liberty University showcases my strengths in leadership, management and interpersonal communication. All of my previous experience has allowed me to practice my ability to communicate clearly and develop relationships with multi-cultural and multi-generational individuals and groups while strengthening my organizational and project development skills.  I am passionate about living a lifestyle through my career that helps individuals know Jesus Christ more and become influential advancers in their area of society. 

Experience:  Campus SERVE Director; Liberty University; August 2013 – May 2014 (10 months)|Lynchburg, Virginia;  As a director in this ministry I interact on a weekly basis with families and elderly across the Lynchburg community for the purpose of creating meaningful, trusted, and longterm relationships that lead to Jesus Christ. I aid the individual student leaders within this ministry with the material, training, and support they need to continue their individual roles within the ministry. There are currently over 150 college students entering numerous governmental urban housing neighborhoods and nursing homes every Saturday. I ensure their inclusion, understanding, and safety within the ministry hours. Through this experience I have developed strong management skills and conflict resolution techniques on large and small scales. With the direct supervision and oversight of all programs and personnel on multi-site, multi- ministry outreach I have enhanced my personal supervisory and computer skills. I have also had the opportunity to grow and explore within the position to establish an evangelistic strategy and handbook to help other students achieve the goals and objectives related to engaging the inner-city. Through this community engagement and interaction I better understand and proactively interact with social and racial issues with my peers and city leaders with the greater goal of improving these issues in our city and presenting the gospel of Christ. Lastly I have been able to assist in the development and implementation of new sites and outreach ministries to expand Campus Serve into further areas of need in our community.

Teen in Training Crew Chief; River Valley Ranch; May 2013 – August 2013 (4 months)|Manchester, Maryland.   Mentored teen girls ages 14-17 in life skills and relational skills to foster self-confidence and spiritual growth.  Management, supervisory, mentorship, discipleship and leaderships skills enhances by multi-task job responsibilities including team-building, small and large group presentations and daily spiritual challenges.  Impacted teens through forming deep relationships which each individual. Modeled by life-style mentorship and evangelism.

Liberty University; Campus SERVE Site Leader and Volunteer; August 2011 – May 2013 (1 year 10 months)|Lynchburg, Virginia.  As Site leader: Responsible for on-site management of 15 college students. Goal and objective was to keep multi-age groups of inner-city youth engaged in various activities to foster spiritual growth. Developed bible curriculum for multi-age urban youth.  Responsible for the teaching of bible stories in large group setting.  Responsible for coordination of games, snacks, activities for the entire urban governmental housing site. Honed team building , interpersonal communication , organization, and time-management skills by multi-task job responsibilities. Volunteered over 250+ hours.

Skills: Excellent Leadership...; Strong relationship...; Professional...; Team building skills; Presentation skills in...Creative personality; Experience with travel...; Leadership; Community Outreach; Team Building; Teaching; Organization


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